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Mathias Jenny
Senior lecturer and researcher at the institute of Comparative Linguistics
University of Zurich, Switzerland

Academic career

High school in Zurich, Switzerland; one year as an exchange student in Bangkok, Thailand (Bodin Decha High School, 1984/85)

Baan Somdej Chao Phraya Teachers' College and Ramkhamhaeng University, Bangkok (BA level, major subject: Thai Language; 1987-1990)

Lic.phil. in General Linguistics (subsidiary subjects: English Linguistics, Rhaeto-Romansh Literature and Linguistics) at the University of Zurich (corresponding to MA), completed in 2001; Title of thesis: The aspect system of Thai

PhD in General Linguistics in 2005; title of dissertation: The verb system of Mon


Translation and interpreter services in Thai/English/German (1985-1995)

Teaching Thai at an international school in Bangkok (1990-1995)

Teaching English in Thailand (mostly volunteer work; 1997-2002)

Teaching Mon writing in the Thai-Burmese border area (volunteer work; 2001-2005)

Coordinator of the PhD Program Linguistics at the University of Zurich (2008-2009)

Lecturer in Mon culture and language at the INaLCO, Paris (2008-2011)

Member of the international committee of the International Conference of Austro-Asiatic Languages (ICAAL; since 2009)

Secretary of the executive committee of the Southeast Asian Linguistics Society (SEALS; 2011-2013)

Visiting scholar and PhD co-advisor at Mahidol University, Thailand (2010-2011)

Member of the executive board of the Swiss Society for Endangered Languages ( (since 2011)

Visiting scholar and PhD co-advisor at Chulalongkorn University, Thailand (2013)


Research interests


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